Oskar Elster (*1910 - 1995)

The uncle of my maternal grandmother and husband to Charlotte Elster (born Hannemann)

Luftwaffe pilot and member of the Afrika Corps under Rommel.

Captured and taken as Prisoner of War to Crossville Tennessee.

Survived the war and lived in Greifswald (Mecklenburg Vorpommern) after.

Hans Strebelow (*1912)

my maternal great grandfather and husband to Betty Strebelow (born Hannemann)

Electrician and equipped with valuable skills for the Sowjets

Prisoner of war in Stalingrad.

He survived the prison camp of Stalingrad and walked all the way to Jarmen (Mecklenburg Vorpommern)

Willi Abraham (*1920 - 2004)

My paternal great grandfather and husband to Else Abraham (born Lüskow)

Prisoner of War in Italy.

Survived the war and lived after in Demmin (Mecklenburg Vorpommern)

Kurt Strebelow (*1919 - 1943)

youngest brother of my maternal great grandfather

Killed on the 17th October 1943

His boat, the Raider 28 Michel, was torpedoed by the US just outside of Yokohama / Japan

Heinz Strebelow

Oldest brother of my maternal grandfather

He was a slaughterer and worked in the kitchen

He was reported missing in Yugoslawia but never officially reported dead.

Herbert Abraham

Brother of my paternal great grandfather.

Unknown until this day where and when he died.

Rolf Wellpott

Husband of my great grandfather`s sister Ilse Wellpott (born Strebelow)

Pilot in the German Luftwaffe

Injured by partisans in Norway

Member of Rommel`s Africa Corps, captured by the British Army.

Originally from Krefeld, he lived after the war with his family in Jarmen (Mecklenburg Vorpommern)