Content of the book - Trude Teige "Mormor Danset i regnet"

Juni has inherited her grandparents’ house and returns to the island where she grew up. While she is cleaning up in the house, she comes across a picture of her grandmother with a German soldier and a letter she wrote in 1946. The letter has a German postmark. Juni had no idea that her grandmother had been in Germany just after the war, and she decides to puzzle out her story.


The search for the truth leads Juni to Berlin and a small city located in what became the Russian zone after Germany surrendered. There she is confronted with a brutal and unknown war story. Eventually Juni comes to understand that her grandmother’s secret is about something more than her having had a German lover and the discovery has consequences for her own life.


Grandmother Danced in the Rain is about a woman’s concealment of her past and its consequences for her daughter and grandchild. But most of all, this is a story about the healing power of love. The novel is based on true stories and actual events."


Taken from the Oslo Literary Agency website.