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Sep 2019

The Demmin Tragedy - Past & Present

What happened in Demmin and how does it still influence the people and the town 


How did Trude discover Demmin and how did the novel come about?


Find more background information on how Trude actually came across the Demmin here




Mar 2019


Content of the Novel


Find a summary of the novel "Granny danced in the rain" here




Apr 2018



 How I met Trude for the first time   

My meeting with Trude Teige in Bergen, Norway. The author of the novel "Mormor danset i regnet" ("Granny danced in the rain")




Mar 2018


🇬🇧 Über Leben in Demmin - Surviving in Demmin  

How the topic of The tragedy of Demmin seems to be present everywhere at the moment. 



Jan 2018


🇬🇧 Granny danced in the rain 

How I discovered Trude Teige's book "Mormor danset i regnet" that has the tragedy, that happened in my home town Demmin 1945 as its topic.



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