English · 16. February 2021
Ali and Hanni, as they were called by their friends and their family, lived with their 4 daughters from 1939 in Puderstrasse 4a in Berlin Treptow. They are our main characters, and our documentary will be about this Berlin family but also about the works of the father - Albert Allwelt. Ali was a freelance artist in Berlin who also worked for Puhl & Wagner - one of the largest and most important manufacturers of glass mosaics and stained glass worldwide. His works can still be found in...
English · 01. February 2021
January 2021 This month has been full on. Not only have I tried to educate myself more on what happened in those days in April 1945 in Berlin Treptow when the Russian Army arrived here, but also what scars this time has left on the next generations of „Kriegkinder“ and „Kriegsenkel“ so basically the scars of my parents, grandparents and their siblings. Beside the general research, and some more genealogy January was also filled with weekly Zoom chats to talk about our next steps or...

Norway - Demmin - Berlin
English · 22. January 2021
Norway It was here that we, Helene and I, met for the first time. Here, in Norway, the country which I decided to live in, Helene, the director of this documentary was born and this is also where the story of the documentary begins.
The Documentary - A 2021 Outlook
English · 04. January 2021
2021 will be the year we want to start creating our documentary, putting together the many puzzle pieces we have so far managed to find. It will be a year of exciting developments to create this something we would like to share with you. Stay tuned.

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