Albert and Johanna Allwelt

Ali and Hanni, as they were called by their friends and their family, lived with their 4 daughters from 1939 in Puderstrasse 4a in Berlin Treptow.  They are our main characters, and our documentary will be about this Berlin family but also about the works of the father - Albert Allwelt.

Ali was a freelance artist in Berlin who also worked  for Puhl & Wagner - one of the largest and most important manufacturers of glass mosaics and stained glass worldwide. His works can still be found in churches, synagogues, embassies and observatories in Germany and the USA.  In his letters to his family, he not only describes the difficult circumstances faced by artists in post-war Berlin, but he also shares his drawing skills, his views of the world and his unbroken wealth of ideas.  He was blessed with an artistic streak that not many of us are given and with our documentary we therefore also intend to create a lasting memory for his wonderful work.

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    Spink Mahuta (Monday, 15 March 2021 03:01)

    I'm interested in history to read more of it.

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