January 2021 Update

January 2021 

This month has been full on. Not only have I tried to educate myself more on what happened in those days in April 1945 in Berlin Treptow when the Russian Army arrived here, but also what scars this time has left on the next generations of „Kriegkinder“ and „Kriegsenkel“ so basically the scars of my parents, grandparents and their siblings.

Beside the general research, and some more genealogy January was also filled with weekly Zoom chats to talk about our next steps or filling out forms for the Bundesarchive. We, as the small team that we are, managed to discuss our thoughts on our social media strategy, the film title and logo, the website look and feel. And all that across countries and time zones - together with Rich and his Colab team. 

Most of the video material that has been recorded last year is now step by step turned into a teaser and Helene and Adam are finalising it all with a team of editors, cinematographers, camera men and animation specialists. A huge amount of work for them.

And because we have not yet found a witness from Puderstrasse 4a in Treptow I got the tip to write to some local schools and to a local church. All done. 

Maybe we will be lucky!

Stay tuned.

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